ASA Outlaws Gala Bingo Misleading Bingo Ad

ASA Outlaws Gala Bingo Misleading Bingo Ad

For the promotion of a TV commercial in February 2017 that was considered to be deceptive, the Advertising Standards Authority has fined Gala Bingo mafia slot. The bingo platform of Gibraltar says that in the last chassis games held here every week people could win £5,000. There was also an invitation to perform at a certain contest night.

The publicity at the bottom of the screen included a disclaimer that the deal was only good for residents 18 years of age or older in the UK. Also, until 25 February 2017 this deal was made. Details of the qualification games provided and details were provided.

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Additional argument 

The ASA complained that the commercial was so vague and hard to work out เกมสล็อต ออนไลน์. This included questions about the somewhat difficult reading of the ad fine print.

Gala Interactive argued that the additional disclaimer text was suitable for the BCAP advertisement notices requirements. The text was 57px high and 17 seconds on the phone. Consequently, the community claims it was necessary and prudent to promote the general disclaimer and study.


The ASA is concerned that the words used have been highly compressed, though they are sufficiently long on the screen and tall according to the general laws. There is a general discussion of how the terms were tightly combined to make it difficult to see the postings.

The history was still considered a concern at the time. This is because the history wasn’t in the style where people should have read what was on it easily or sensibly. As a consequence, viewers wouldn’t have seen what was on the website really.

The ad then violated a number of rules for false facts and qualifications, in particular BCAP codes 3.1 and 3.2 and 3.11. The ad has been prohibited from air since then. Gala Interactive is also warned that it will look at how the upcoming ads are posted so that there is less chance of issue with the ads that it intends to use over time.

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